Launched the Resilience & Sustainability Dataspace

At the Hannover Messe, we presented the new Resilience & Sustainability Dataspace, RSDS, at the booth of the International Data Space Association.

The RSDS supports the management of risks, e.g. supply shortages, problems in energy supply or emergency supply in case of catastrophes, to name just a few concise examples. The objective of RSDS is to build an open ecosystem of solutions for robust resilience and sustainability of your business or organization. At our booth, as well as during a short presentation on Tuesday, we demonstrated the functionality and benefits that participation can provide. 

In addition, we presented our first demonstrator as part of our PAIRS research project at Hannover Messe. 

With its help, we will be able to illustrate how potential supply chain problems can be identified early on in the future in a data-driven manner and how their impact can be intelligently reduced. 

Latest news

Resilience in the context of Industry 4.0 Publication [DE]

The now published white paper "Resilience in the context of Industry 4.0" offers a detailed presentation of the topic and its classification in the aforementioned context. It shows in detail how companies can withstand external influences and thus strengthen their competitiveness.